A Look at a Maximum Security Prison

Join us for a look at a maximum security prison that’s almost like a safe with people inside. Its one of the newest maximum security prisons in America and has a no nonsense zero tolerance policy in force.

Lockdown: Alexander Correctional

A brief look at conditions in a maximum security prison. If you are ever accused of a criminal offense in Texas, you’ll be lucky if you end up in a prison this nice. My recommendation to anyone is to stay out of jail and out of situations that could put you there. If you are ever in an unfortunate position which creates the possibility of you serving jail time, talk with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible and you may not have to do jail time in a facility like the one featured.

Listed below, are interesting details that caught our attention while watching the video.

  • The prison, Alexander Correctional, is built for maximum control.
  • Officers consider the prison tight, inmates consider it a living hell.
  • 25% of the inmates in the prison are never going home.
  • The prison doesn’t allow homosexuality nor inmate theft from other inmates, and is strict when it comes to cracking down on gang violence.
  • The staff rules with an iron fist. Inmates are not allowed to refer to the cells as their own. the jail makes it clear that jail cells are property of the state.
  • The phone lines, trash, mail, and other forms of communication are intensely monitored.
  • 90% of the intelligence that correctional officers and gang intelligence units within the jails gather are gained by rummaging through inmate trash.
  • No has ever escaped or attempted to escape from the prison. The fences digitally report pressure points depressed on the fence by people who interact with the fence. Motored correctional officers can respond to any point of the entire perimeter of the fence in seconds.
  • Inmates are also punished with bad food for exposing themselves to female inmates. The food is called nutraloaf.

But the loaf is something above and beyond. Prisons and jails are allowed to come up with their own version, so some resort to grinding up leftovers into a dense mass that’s reheated. Other institutions make loaves from scratch out of shredded and mashed vegetables, beans and starches. They’re rendered even more unappetizing by being served in a small paper sack, with no seasoning.

Source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2014/01/02/256605441/punishing-inmates-with-the-loaf-persists-in-the-u-s

  • Killings do happen in the jail, and some of the staff have become corrupt. Drugs and weapons, as in any prison, as present in segregation.
  • The price to get marijuana in the prison is 250.00 per ounce.
  • Other drugs such as cocaine and pills are also easy to get in the prison.

Living With a Criminal Record

Once you are accused, then convicted of a criminal offense, your life can change forever. Your employment options change, the places you can live change, even the institutions you can enroll in to further your education may not allow your admission into their school. That is just the start of a look at the adverse effects a criminal background can have on your life and your ability to pursue the American Dream.

There are no such crimes as minor crimes which is why its always smart to consult with an experienced attorney when dealing with matters involving the law, your good name, and criminal charges.

Some people don’t understand.

They go through life racking up all kinds of criminal offenses and then once they get wise and decide to play it straight, they find a cold world and then have the audacity to accuse the world of being against them.

Well you know what they say.

You make your bed, and you sleep in it.