Accused of Drunk Driving in Brazoria, Texas?

For a number of different reasons people are arrested for drunk driving related crimes in Brazoria County, Texas and in this blog post will be reviewing the repercussions of being convicted of a DWI in the state of Texas, how people put themselves in a position to be arrested for DWI in Brazoria County, Texas, and a recommended criminal defense law firm geared towards defending these types of criminal offense cases.

How People Get Busted for DWI in Brazoria County

One of the main tools police use to identify drunk drivers on roadways is their eyes, with the aid of their experience and training. When police are trained in the police academy despite drunk drivers, they are told to look for erratic driving, driving practices that are slower than the speed limit and/or the trash around them, people who are speeding, in addition to people who may be veering within their lame, or failing to remain in a single lane of traffic. This has resulted in a number of felony DWIs based on insurmountable blood alcohol content levels, and accidents which results in intoxicated manslaughter charges being filed. If convicted of such a criminal offense the repercussions are severe.

Repercussions of DWI Convictions

Brazoria’s most experienced DWI attorneys will tell you; one of the worst things that can happen to you in the state of Texas is to be convicted of a DWI offense in the court of law. One of the first repercussions is the installation of an anti-alcohol/intoxication driving device being installed on your vehicle, which you must pay for. Anytime you attempt to crank up your vehicle the vehicle will test your blood alcohol level by requiring you to “blow” to ensure your sobriety prior to allowing the vehicle to become active. If you aren’t sober after you ”blow”, modern technology will immediately notify the court resulting in your probation, if given, being revoked and you serving out the rest of your sentence in a correctional facility.

Recommended & Skilled Defense Attorneys

We recommend the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates for persons who are facing drunk driving charges in Southeast Texas, the Houston area, or in Brazoria County. Whether you were arrested and Angleton, Pearland, Alvin, the city of Brazoria, or anywhere else within the legal jurisdictional confines of Brazoria County, Texas, they will fight the charge for you and more than likely get you some acceptable results from a litigation standpoint.

When Times Get Tough, The Tough Retain Lawyers

In Houston, people are arrested for a multitude of differing reasons including minor misdemeanor criminal charges, on up to the more serious felony cases that make their way into the news media. When a person is criminally charged it is either because they engaged in some sort of crime, or either they are believed to have engaged in a criminal act by law enforcement resulting in criminal charges being filed, followed by an arrest.

The Seriousness of Criminal Charges

When a person is arrested for a criminal offense a serious situation ensues in which a person’s freedom is on the line. Aside from the obvious stress caused by having your freedom threatened, is also the serious costs that go along with fighting criminal charges in the state of Texas. If you’re convicted of a crime you’ll face an assessment of a monetary fine from the court in which your case was tried/heard, and you’ll have to serve jail time in either the Harris County jail or a state penitentiary operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Even after you served your jail time you continue to do a life of punishment for your criminal offense by the appearance of the criminal record on your background; these cases follow you around. Having a criminal record on your background can keep you from finding a job, advancing in your career, or even living in a particular neighborhood where you may want to live. This is an advanced form of discrimination in which people that are caught up in criminal trap set by the system, find new socioeconomic barriers in their lives as a result.

Talk With a Houston Defense Attorney


If you’ve been accused of a criminal offense it’s best to talk with a Top Houston criminal defense attorney best known for experience fighting aggression imposed by the state of Texas. It’s uncommon to find people who wish to serve time in jail, and aside from the sarcasm, it’s uncommon to find people who know what type lawyer they should half representing them.

One of the most important things you can do if you’re fighting allegations of criminal misconduct, felony wrongdoings, possession of drugs, committing murder, or any other criminal charge, is hire a defense attorney with experience fighting Texas prosecutors in beating them at their own game. This is where Bennett & Bennett; Houston Criminal-Defense Lawyers comes in. You should contact Attorney Mark W. Bennett in Houston immediately if you need advice and guidance with regard to a criminal matter.

70 People Arrested for DWI During Holiday Weekend

In New York, an American state that’s quickly entering a pattern of decline due to its socialist policies, 70, count em, 70 people were arrested for drunk driving offenses during the July 4th Weekend.

PORT JEFFERSON STATION, N.Y. (AP) — Police say at least 70 people have been charged with drunken driving on Long Island during the Fourth of July weekend. MORE