Demystifying Private Investigators: Facts About Detectives

There is something intriguing about Houston private investigators like Gradoni & Associates. Perhaps it is because Hollywood has glorified private investigators, depicting them as superheroes who spend countless hours tracking down bad guys, exposing their evil schemes, and saving the world, while in their nice tuxedo suits. Or it could be due to the mystic that surrounds this profession which involves exposing dark secrets.

However, you should be warned that this is not your usual job. Being a private investigator is one of the most demanding careers out there. Some PIs literally put their lives on the line when working on extremely sensitive cases.

Myth & Facts About Private Investigators

Is the job exciting? Absolutely.

Is it an easy job? Absolutely not.

There is much about this profession that is not known to most people. Perhaps it is because of the secrecy that comes with the job.

Nonetheless, we have done an extensive research on this career in an attempt of demystifying with some of the myths associated with being a private investigator.

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Myth: A private investigator can follow you wherever you go.

Fact: Surveillance is only allowed on public property.

The media gives this perception that PIs can follow you to your home disregarding all laws on privacy. However, the law is clear that while surveillance could mean following the subject, investigators can only do this while on public property. This means that while unscrupulous PIs can follow their subjects to their homes, they are required by the law to leave when informed to do so.

Myth: A private investigator becomes a celebrity for solving a case.

Fact: Houston Private investigators will always be under the radar.

One thing aspiring PIs picture about the life as a private eye is becoming a trending topic after solving a sensational case. Sorry to burst your bubble but as a PI, you should not expect to have hundreds of journalists hoarding you, each dying to ask you how you saved the world. Being a private investigator means always staying under the radar and being as discreet as possible in your operations.

Myth: Private Investigators are Casanovas.

Fact: Being a PI means always being professional.

Any private investigator of repute will tell you that mixing business with pleasure is a recipe for disaster. So quit fantasizing about a scenario where your client falls head-over-heels for you. While this makes for an amazing storyline for a telenovela, the reality is that Houston private investigators always keep it professional while doing their investigations.

Myth: Private Investigators can hack computers and tap into phones.

Fact: The law prevents PIs from accessing private information without the owner’s consent.

Another stereotype advanced about private eyes in film and other media is that they can hack into people’s computers and phones when doing their investigations. However, doing this in the real world has serious legal ramifications and can even land the private eye behind bars. The law requires that such information can only be accessed by detectives upon receiving consent from the owner. So private investigators have to use other ways to obtain evidence that are within the confines of the law.

The Future is Bright

Houston Private Eyes are on the Rise!

The myths notwithstanding, private investigation is a profession that is on an upward trajectory, with the demand for private eyes being on the rise in recent years. Reality TV, jealous spouses, and even financial institutions are among the clients who are on a constant look-out for skilled investigators. It, therefore, comes with little surprise that The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics recently forecasted that the private investigators’ field will record a 21% growth rate in the next decade.