Cocaine and Your Health

Cocaine is a dangerous drug whose consequences have caused the loss of hundreds, if not thousands, of lives as a result of drug-related violence. Many of the lives lost in the drug war occur as a result of black-market cocaine trading by criminals in the United States of America and in countries where the cocaine originates.

The effect on communities in the United States is very measurable and center in urban centers which are always major cities. Most of the criminal offenses committed by gangs are made up of party that include least sophisticated, government educated, low income Democratic voters and people programmed by the Democratic mind control machine. A perfect example of the Democratic mind control machine would be Al Sharpton pretending to care about victims of the communities left over by the wrath of cocaine at the behest of his white handlers. Keep in mind that the United States government introduced cocaine to the streets and mass creation of crack cocaine.

Generally, when discussing cocaine, it’s easy to get into a rant that goes into the quasi-racism based drug dealing perpetrated by the United States government.

Dangers of Cocaine

There are number of dangers involved with using cocaine as it causes serious damage to the human body. Below is a list of short-term and long-term effects of cocaine use on the user.

  • One of the short-term effects on a cocaine user is a lack of appetite. This can be accompanied by an increased heart rate, a spike in blood pressure levels, and fever like symptoms.
  • A few more of the short-term effects of cocaine use is dilation of the pupils, the feeling of nausea, hallucinations, a change in sleep patterns for the worse, and a drug starved addiction for cocaine.
  • Some cocaine users have reported hallucinations.
  • Panic and psychosis are two of the main telltale signs of cocaine use.
  • Cocaine users often die of seizure and heart. A first-time cocaine user can die off the first hit.
  • Cocaine use and crack kids suffer malnutrition, weight loss, severe tooth decay, permanent damage to their blood vessels, a severe drug addiction even after the first time use, and a propensity for risky behavior.
  • Some people have used so much cocaine that they shorted the center of their nose to oblivion.

If you’re cocaine we suggest you get off the drug. The links below will provide better resources.

Cocaine and Your Health